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Learning About Car Parts

3 Tips For Packing Storage Sliding Trays

Mílton Da Cruz

Purchasing sliding trays for the storage cabinets beneath your trailer or RV can help make your belongings more accessible and prevent you from having to crawl to the back of your storage cabinet to empty it or clean it. However, if you have not had sliding trays installed in your storage cabinets before, they can take a little getting used to. You may have to change your packing strategy and methods to make efficient use of the sliding trays. 

Pack the Trays While They Are Fully Extended 

You may be used to tucking items into your storage cabinets, but you should load your trays while they are fully extended. This will help ensure that when you pull the trays out later because items will not fall off of the trays. Additionally, it will allow you to carefully place each item where it belongs. Finally, loading the trays while they are extended will help you make sure that you do not put too much weight on the trays, which could result in an accident when you pull them out later. 

Pack Your Most Commonly Needed Items On Top 

When stuffing storage cabinets, the common advice is to pack the items that you regularly use towards the door of the cabinet so you can access them without removing other items. However, with sliding trays, you should think vertically as opposed to horizontally. You should store the items you need most item towards the top of your items. For even easier access, you can stratify your needs further, storing everyday items near the front, common items on the top, and rarely used items towards the back and bottom. 

Continue to Use Storage Bins and Organizers

Although sliding trays make it easier to access your belongings, you should not get rid of your plastic totes and duffel bags just yet. You will still need a way to organize and sort your belongings. Additionally, while the trays are extended, your belongings will have no support from side walls. Plastic storage bins will keep loose items from falling off of your storage trays. Finally, storage bins and organizers make it easier to get your items to and from your vehicle, allowing you to do the majority of your packing in a more comfortable place such as inside your home or at the picnic table at your campsite. 

Sliding trays can take your storage to the next level, but only if you use them efficiently. Look to companies such as Radauto for more options.


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