Learning About Car Parts

Learning About Car Parts

Investing In Fender Flares Could Save You Money

Mílton Da Cruz

One of the most exciting aspects of purchasing a large vehicle is having the option to customize its appearance by installing larger tires. When adding tires that are larger than the factory units that come with your vehicle, you may find that the factory fender guards no longer provide enough clearance. While you may be tempted to drive on your bigger tires sans fender flares, investing in aftermarket flares could save you money in the long run.

Here are three specific ways that installing new fender flares on your altered vehicle could help you cut costs in the future.

1. Fender flares reduce the amount of debris being thrown into the air by your large tires.

As you travel down the road, your tires come into contact with a lot of debris. Large clumps of dirt or rocks can easily be thrown into the air as you drive over them. Fender flares act as a type of shield that funnels these projectiles back down toward the road's surface.

Without fender flares installed, you could increase the risk of damaging the windshield or paint job of cars traveling behind you. Investing in an aftermarket fender flare kit is a simple way to reduce your liability when it comes to sharing the roadway with other drivers.

2. Fender flares could help prevent police fines.

Because fender flares help enhance road safety by reducing the number of airborne projectiles, many government entities penalize drivers who fail to equip their vehicles with these pieces of equipment. If you want to avoid hefty police fines, you should consider purchasing an aftermarket fender flare kit for your newly-altered vehicle.

Just be sure that the kit you are purchasing meets the minimum standards set forth by the governing body which has jurisdiction over the roads you travel. For example, Washington requires that fender flares be as wide as the tires they are installed behind, so contacting your local police for additional information could help you invest in the right kit for your vehicle.

3. Fender flares can reduce rust.

The interior of your vehicle's wheel wells are made from metal. As this metal comes into contact with the moisture and salt that can be found on many roadways, rust could begin to form.

Since fender flares are designed to completely cover the metal area inside your vehicle's wheel well, they can eliminate much of the rust that forms in this area. Eliminating rust keeps your vehicle structurally sound, and prevents the need for costly body repairs in the future.

If you are planning to add larger tires to your vehicle, be sure that you take advantage of the cost savings provided by aftermarket fender flare kits online designed to accommodate your new tires.


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