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Think Your Car's A/C Compressor Is Going Out? Check For These 3 Symptoms

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You don't give much thought to your car's air conditioning system and components until it's hot outside and you need cool air. Luckily, when it comes to your A/C compressor, it tends to give you plenty of signs when it needs to be replaced. Make sure that you watch for them to ensure you catch them early on so that you can take care of the problem immediately and avoid any unnecessary damage that a broken A/C compressor can do to the rest of your vehicle.

1. Warmer-Than-Average Temperatures in the Cabin

If you have noticed that your car's air conditioner isn't blowing cool air, it could be a sign that your air conditioner's compressor is going out. As a general rule, the compressor cannot maintain adequate flow of the A/C refrigerant when it becomes damaged. This lack of flow makes it virtually impossible for the cabin to remain at a comfortable, steady temperature. This means that you and your passengers will feel warmer than normal. Therefore, you need to find an A/C compressor for sale from a company like JENSEN AUTO PARTS to install yourself or have installed by an expert in order to enjoy cooler air.

2. Loud, Strange Noises While the Compressor Is Operating

A second sign that your A/C compressor may have suffered some type of damage is a strange, loud noise when your air conditioner and compressor is running. Over time, the sealed bearings that are located inside of the A/C compressor can seize up. This usually occurs when there is not enough lubrication to keep them properly oiled. When this happens, it tends to make a lot of noise – and it can be really loud. While it is possible to replace the bearings, it is a very complex procedure. For that reason, it is usually best to find an A/C compressor for sale and replace the entire thing.

3. Non-Moving Compressor Clutch

One of the most important components of an A/C compressor is the clutch. Without it, the compressor could not function properly. The clutch ensures that the refrigerant is dispersed throughout the entire car's air conditioning system. However, as with the compressor, there are bearings inside the clutch that can also seize up and cause the clutch to stop spinning. When this happens, the refrigerant cannot be dispersed and the cabin cannot be cooled properly. To see if the clutch is the problem, start your car and turn on your air conditioner. Open your hood and look at the A/C compressor, which is at the front of the motor. Look to see if the middle and the outside of the compressor pulley is moving. If the clutch is bad, the middle won't be moving.

If replacing an A/C compressor on your own is something completely out of your wheelhouse, you may want to consider speaking to a local auto repair shop and getting a quote on having it done professionally.


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